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Get a new door installation in Baton Rouge, LA

Your doors have a bigger impact on your home than you may think. An old or damaged door can be enough to make your entire house appear outdated. If you need a new door installation in Baton Rouge, LA, turn to Tommy's Windows, Doors & Siding, LLC.

You can either order your door through our suppliers or from the vendor of your choice and bring us in for a professional installation. We can also help you choose a color and stain for your door to make sure you'll be happy with the final result. To learn more about our door installation service, call us today at 225-250-8808.

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3 signs you need a new door

You may be wondering if you really need a new door. Consider contacting us for a new door installation if your current door:

  1. Sticks to the frame
  2. Scrapes on the floor
  3. Is warped or cracked
We can help you choose a high-quality door and ensure that it's installed properly. Schedule an appointment for our door installation service now.